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Online Giving

First, for those who do not wish to make your donations on a computer – which is perfectly acceptable – an assurance that whatever method you have used in the past is just fine and unchanged.

But for people wanting an easier method, we now have the possibility to make gifts to the General Fund, the Centennial Endowment Fund, The Community on Haywood, a Memorial Fund or a Building Fund on-line. These can be either one time gifts or regular, automated gifts. Automated gifts can be through direct withdrawal from your bank or a credit card (Visa, MasterCharge, Discover, American Express). Automated giving solves the program of vacations and periods of time when you cannot get your check to the church in a timely fashion.

The Foundation will track all giving, allocate to the appropriate fund and for the Memorial and Endowment Funds, send out acknowledgment. Statements for those funds will come from the Foundation. Statements for the General Fund and The Community on Haywood will continue to come from the Church.

This new system will reduce workload in our office and assure us the best possible return on our Endowment Fund.

Give Online

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